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MySQL 5.7.8 - mysqlpump caveat

2015/12/8 作者:不祥 来源: 互联网
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mysql 5.7.8-rc2 was released today, and features a new server utility called mysqlpump . This utility contains a number of major improvements over mysqldump including:

Parallel processing of databases, and of objects within databases, to speed up the dump process For dump file reloading, faster secondary index creation for InnoDB tables by adding indexes after rows are inserted Better control over which databases and database objects (tables, views, stored programs, user accounts) to dump Dumping of user accounts as account-management statements (CREATE USER, GRANT) rather than as inserts into the mysql system database Capability of creating compressed output Progress indicator

What I wanted to caution however, is that mysqlpump is not currently consistent . That is to say that currently each of the dump threads lack a synchronization point before they start backing up the data. This makes it currently unsafe as a general purpose backup replacement.

The mysqlpump developers are aware of this limitation, and are busy adding this feature into the utility.

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